Why RealEndpoints

Defining value for health care companies

Drugs have gone from a sideshow in the healthcare cost debate to center stage

Largely because of the explosion in the number and price of specialty drugs and the dwindling number of patent expirations. Indeed, these drug costs are now the fastest growing area of medical expense in the U.S.

“75% of my entire healthcare trend is driven by specialty drugs.”

— Bob Galvin, CEO, Equity Healthcare

“If you’d asked me a year ago about medical pharmacy, it wasn’t even on my radar. Today it’s a top priority… a black hole destroying value.”

— Michael Sherman, CMO, Harvard Pilgrim


Through a suite of proprietary databases, tools and services, Real Endpoints Analytics & Solutions helps its customers among payers, providers and pharma assess the true value of drugs, implement intelligent management programs, and ultimately improve care while lowering costs.

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